Monday, 13 December 2010

Huge apologies!

Just wanted to apologise to anybody who actually bothers to read my blog as I really haven't been keeping it very up to date have I?!

Time just seems to be running away with me at the moment, what with my full-time job, the nappy cakes and the online articles I write for a magazine and to top it all off Christmas is speeding towards me at full pelt and I haven't even sent out any Christmas cards yet!

Well, I did my final show of the year on Sunday. I should also have been at a show on Saturday, but thanks to a certain courier service who shall remain nameless, I had to go and hand deliver a nappy cake to a lady in Essex who had ordered one the week before.

The fault was in no way mine I hasten to add. I made the nappy cake the day she ordered it and arranged for the courier to pick it up for the following day's delivery. They duly collected it on Monday but by Saturday it still hadn't arrived and she was off to a baby shower in the afternoon. So, bang went my show and into the car I hopped after making a replacement nappy cake. I hot-footed it down the motorway and delivered it to her. She was extremely grateful but still I have requested compensation for loss of stall fees, loss of earnings and petrol money. I shall let you know how that goes, but I'm not exactly holding my breath!

The nappy cake sales generally are going okay. The end of October/beginning of November were quite busy - probably due to all those Christmas and New Year's Eve parties approx 9 months before :0)

So, courier is due to arrive tomorrow for another collection - fingers crossed this one goes more smoothly. I promise to try and update the blog a bit more often from now on, but would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Total Chaos!

Firstly, I must apologise for not blogging lately. To be honest, I completely forgot! I've been so very busy lately that this was one thing that slipped my mind.

So, I'm still attending fairs and events every weekend and am super busy in my full time job too, really its utter chaos! I even managed to double book myself the other Saturday and one my gorgeous daughters stood in for me at one fair while I went to the other.

One thing I have noticed is that although people are actually attending the fairs, rather than just buying things that take their fancy, they are targeting things they specifically need and only buying those so all the stallholders I've spoken to aren't making as much money as they would like.

Don't get me wrong, not everybody is in it for the money as we love what we do, but it would be nice to see some financial benefit for all the hard work.

I've completely re-modelled my website after some constructive criticism from a very nice forum I belong to so please go along and take a look - any comments (within reason!) gratefully received.

I can honestly say I really enjoy my weekend jaunts and meeting the public (well most of them) and am looking forward to one day just being able to concentrating on my nappy cakes full-time, but don't think its going to be any time soon.

Take care till next time.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

And the total for October is ......

57 nappy cakes sold for the 31 days of October! YAY!!!!!

The second hospital told me at the end of last week that they had only sold the one nappy cake and then next thing I know I get a phone call on Monday saying nearly every one had sold over the weekend and could I please bring in some more urgently. I also got a call from the local shop which holds 3 nappy cakes telling me they had sold two and could I bring in 3 more.

Well, I was only too happy to oblige of course. Monday I stocked the first hospital, Wednesday I stocked the local shop and today I've re-stocked the second hospital and visited the wholesalers. Had to take an afternoon off work to do it using precious little holiday days I have left, but I didn't mind really.

Lastly, got a call on Tuesday from somebody who really really wanted me at their show this coming Saturday. I told the lady that I was already booked to do another show but she said she really wanted me there so I managed to bribe eldest daughter into going to one and I'll do the other. I'll get everything ready I told her, she just has to stand and (hopefully) take money.

I'll let you know how we both get on next week. Have a good one.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

9 Months After Christmas!

Apparently its well known that there are an awful lot of babies born around October time as this is 40 weeks after Christmas and New Year celebrations!

I have to admit, I've never thought about it before but I guess it makes sense. As does the 40 weeks after July/August holiday babies!

When I counted on Sunday I had sold a grand total of 41 nappy cakes since 1st October which is pretty good going when you think about it. These have been a combination of website, word of mouth, show and hospital sales.

Not sure if I told you, but another local hospital is now stocking my nappy cakes. Its just on a trial run but I'm really hoping it will take off there like it has at the first hospital - I'll keep you posted on progress.

I'm still attending the shows each week and am now taking a christmas nappy cake with me - only sold one so far, but I'm hoping the nearer we get to Christmas the more people will want to buy one as a gift. They are really cute with "baby's first christmas" on the romper, bib and hat.

So, full-time work is scarily busy and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the nappy cake business is going to go the same way.

I'll update you next weekend as it will be the end of the month - it'll be fun to see how many nappy cakes I've sold in total through October.

Have a great week!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Last Couple of Weekends

Sorry I didn't blog last week but to be honest I completely forgot!

So, I bet you're dying to know how I got on? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway!

I returned last Saturday to a monthly event I've been to once before. However, unlike last time, it was really quiet and nobody was spending anything. I only sold one two tier nappy cake so only just covered the table cost. It started raining mid-morning which meant people were simply in a hurry to get home rather than go out and about.

Today was the total opposite - the weather was glorious so I guess the people who stayed away in droves were spending time in their gardens or on the coast catching the very last of the summer's rays. Again, I sold just one memory box - not one nappy cake.

Still, last week was overall a very good week - I sold quite a lot of nappy cakes at my local hospital shop and two others in shops that I supply, one from the website too.

I can't believe how many blue nappy cakes I'm making at the moment. The beginning of the year was nothing but pink but now its blue all the way!

So, finally, I've put an advert in a major school pamphlet that goes out all round the UK and because I agreed to 3 adverts in a row they also gave me a quarter page editorial. Let's hope that drums up some more business.

See you next week!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

One of the Biggest Shows I've Done

Sorry I'm a bit late with the blog this week but only remembered this evening that I hadn't done it!

So, I was at Wood Green animal shelter in Huntingdon on Sunday. The event was in their business centre and it was one of the biggest shows I've done, although some people there told me it was average size - I must have been going to the wrong shows.

Unfortunately, despite being told there would only be a maximum of 2 stalls selling the same thing, there were actually 4 of us selling nappy cakes. I think I did quite well selling 3 nappy cakes on the day though (not sure how the others did) and also handed out a lot of my nice new leaflets.

Also, got speaking to some very nice stallholders I hadn't met before and exchanged business cards so we can all keep in contact via FB etc.

Also met a lady who asked whether I would be interested in putting some nappy cakes in her shop locally so I'm off to see her tomorrow lunchtime - will let you know how I get on.

See you next week!

Monday, 13 September 2010

First Free Weekend in Ages

Confession time - I actually didn't attend any events this weekend! Scandalous hey?!

In my defence, I did have an excuse - it was my eldest daughter's 21st birthday and we spent most of the weekend with family. It was lovely for us all to get together as we don't do it very often and we had a great time.

Still, to make up for lost time, I'm going to a show Wednesday evening after work. I was invited after attending a show at the same place approx 5 weeks ago, they then phoned and invited me back for what was supposed to be a pamper evening, but apparently several people had asked if I'd be there so let's hope that means some sales.

I'm still waiting for my new printed leaflets to arrive and am desperate for them to get here as I'm on tenterhooks to see whether they look good or not.

I also popped over to the hospital and swapped some stock at the end of last week. Another 3 sold there in last week so people obviously still like them. Let's hope sales pick up a bit more.

Well, that's it for this week - I'm off to make some nappy cakes to take with me on Wednesday.

Take care xx

Monday, 6 September 2010

So Many Bumps!

Honestly, I'm really not sure about my sense of direction any more! I had booked an event for Saturday in Upminster, Essex which, I thought, wouldn't be that far away! Wrong, it took me just over an hour to get there.

It was a nightmare to find and when I did it was pretty quiet all day and I didn't sell a thing. Still, Sunday brought a fresh challenge and I attended an actual baby and toddler fair - my first since starting my nappy cake business.

You have never seen so many bumps in all your life but it was a lovely day and I was the only one actually selling nappy cakes or anything similar so that was a bonus.

I sold two nappy cakes and a couple of individual cupcakes but managed to give out every single one of my leaflets so fingers crossed I get some business from them.

Bearing in mind how much printer ink as well as time and effort goes into printing my brochures and they don't seem to last five minutes, I have decided to take the plunge and order 1000 of them via a proper printing site. I've now sent them my preview copy and am waiting for them to okay it before printing. I'll let you know how they look once they've arrived.

Haven't been feeling too well for last few days (infection in my jaw of all things) but it has meant that I have had to sit down and play around with some new designs. I've put a couple of photos on the blog - let me know what you think.

Cheerio for this week.

Monday, 30 August 2010

The 2nd of Two Halves!

Today was nothing if not eventful!

We got to the site (which was outdoors - the second outdoor one of the weekend), put the gazebo up, bent down to pick up the mallet to put the pegs in and a huge gust of wind got underneath it and sent it flying. It ended up upside down over by the car. Luckily some helpful stallholders grabbed a leg each and we managed to get it upright and tied down before it happened again.

I then spent the rest of the day picking teddies and boottees up off the floor as the wind kept blowing them away.

Still, it was all worth it as I ended up selling 6 nappy cakes, one cupcake and two baby blankies.

So, all in all a very good weekend sales-wise.

Also, got home to find a sale from my website.

Let's hope all this is the norm and not the unusual and that the sales fairy keeps with me for a while.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Good Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, a quick update for you as to how things are going with the nappy cakes.

Weather-wise its been a typical bank holiday weekend - wet and windy! However, I attended a fair near Bedford on Saturday and luckily the rain held off until approx 10 minutes before the end but of course I hadn't managed to get everything in the car so had to struggle putting the gazebo down in the pouring rain.

On the upside, I did manage to sell 4 nappy cakes and 5 keepsake boxes! A complete and utter record for me at any show I've ever done. Its really brought it home to me that actually people do like what I make - its a great feeling.

I'm at another fair tomorrow nearer to home. Not sure how I'll do but fingers crossed it'll be another good day.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Back to Work :0(

Oh well, after two weeks off, I'm back to my proper job as of tomorrow (Monday) :0(

Its been a nice couple of weeks if I'm honest - I've done exactly what I enjoy - making nappy cakes. Its just a shame it doesn't pay anywhere near enough for me to give up the full-time employment - maybe one day!

Popped into the hospital shop which are now stocking my nappy cakes last Monday. I wasn't sure I actually wanted to go in as I was terrified they would say they hadn't sold any, but my other half dragged me in and they had sold 7!!!!! To say I was over the moon wouldn't be exaggerating.

So, it got me to thinking, maybe I should ring round a few other hospitals and see whether they would be prepared to stock some of my items. After much research I spent a good deal of time on the phone, but it seems most hospitals (well, my localish ones) don't cater for the buying of baby gifts apart from the odd teddy and maybe a balloon, which strikes me as odd considering most maternity wards don't allow flowers any more due to health and safety reasons.

However, I did have a more promising conversation with one hospital and I duly took two nappy cakes in as samples to show them. They asked me to leave them with them so they could have a think and then 10 minutes after leaving I got a phone call saying that somebody had come in and wanted to buy one and would that be ok? Of course I said, no problem at all!

Hopefully that purchaser has swung things in my favour by showing that my nappy cakes are saleable. My only worry is that they may decide to cut out the middle man (me) and make them themselves, but I guess that's the chance I take.

I'll keep you posted - watch this space.

Monday, 16 August 2010

A couple of new creations

Almost forgot to put photos of my new creations on the blog, so here you go ....

Cautiously optimistic

Well, I promised to keep you up to date with any developments after placing some of my nappy cakes into the local maternity hospital and ....

I bravely ventured in just under one week later to see how they were selling (if at all!). I have to be honest, I was petrified - nobody wants to go into anywhere and be told their product isn't selling, but .... four had gone in the last 3 selling days. YAY!!!!

To say I was happy was an under-statement. I was at first relieved and then absolutely ecstatic. Although four may not sound like many, to me its fantastic. It helps reinforce the fact that I'm not just making these and being the only one who likes them - other people like them too :0)

Also, at the fair I went to yesterday I sold 3 nappy cakes and 5 individual cupcakes so a very good result there as well.

I don't want to sound pessimistic but when so many other things are going wrong in my life, the fact that something is going right (however small) is a real boost.

I'll post again with any developments. Watch this space.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Weekend of Two Halves

How weird was the weather this weekend? Yesterday couldn't seem to decide whether to absolutely pour down with rain or sparkle in the sunshine, so it did both! Today was much nicer with pretty much wall to wall sunshine where I was in Flitwick.

Still, I was indoors for both events this weekend so I didn't have to worry too much about the weather.

I hadn't actually been to either of the places I attended before - Saturday was in Berkhamsted where I got hopelessly lost trying to find the town hall, and today was in Flitwick at a classic car rally which was much easier to find.

I managed to sell one three tier nappy cake and a memory box yesterday but nothing today even though there were quite a lot of people milling around and looking. Got through at least another 40 leaflets so let's hope the people that took them actually place an order.

Got an appointment at the local maternity hospital tomorrow to see if they will stock my nappy cakes so will let you know how I get on.

Have a good week.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Baby Memory Box

Quick blog with a photo of a baby's memory box. Ideal for keeping all those little keepsakes in.

That's another weekend over.

Well, I attended the 2nd of my two events for this weekend and to be honest, today didn't really have any more people attending than yesterday.

I can only think the footfall is so low due to people going off to sunnier climes but what also doesn't help is that due to the economic climate people just can't afford those sort of items that don't count as essential so they stay away so they're not tempted.

Mind you, I can't complain, I managed to sell a one tier nappy cake and a photo album so made a little bit of money.

I'm not booked for practically every weekend until Xmas attending various different fairs and events. I do enjoy it (much more than the day job!) as talking to people about what I do is kind of therapeutic. I also gave away a few leaflets so you never know, they may generate some orders.

Obviously if the phone does start ringing off the hook, you'll be the first people I tell.

Have a great week :0)

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Today's event

Well, just a quick blog as only just come in the door, but I attended another craft fair today in Essex.

Followed the sat nav and ended up going down some seriously small country lanes, but found it in the end. Apparently when they held the same event at Easter it was heaving with people, but today hardly anybody :0(

Still managed to sell one nappy cake and a moneybox though so can't complain too loudly.

At a children's nursery event tomorrow so will keep you posted on how I get on. Keep your fingers crossed that I do better for me!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Celebrate with a bottle of champagne

The final nappy cake for tonight is one with a bottle of champagne in the middle. At least that way the new parents get something too!

A bathtime nappy cake

And another creation - a bathtime nappy cake with all those little essentials for the end of the day bath.

Tigger Nappy Cake

Just had to share this nappy cake with you - its a Tigger one for a little boy.

How cute is that?!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Another Saturday, another fair!

So, yet another Saturday has come and gone and that means I was out and about as usual at a local fair.

This one was in St Albans and was quite well attended, however we had to have a gazebo (no gazebo - no entry!) so I took the other half along to help me put the thing up.

Just as well that I did really as with the wind blowing and me having absolutely no idea what I was doing, it took us a while. Once the gazebo was finally standing we set the table up and soon realised I am going to have to look for either a larger table or a slightly smaller one to add in an "L" shape to the existing one as all my stock doesn't fit!

It wasn't a bad day to be sitting around in the sunshine and despite giving out quite a lot of leaflets - I didn't actually sell anything.

Never mind, onwards and upwards. I'll let you know how I get on next week. I'm working both Saturday and Sunday at two different events.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

How to make friends .....

and influence people - NOT!

I think I told you in my last blog how I attended a village fair last Saturday, well what I didn't mention was that I managed to offend the local florist.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't intentional, but one of my "sales lines" consists of telling a potential purchaser that if they buy a bunch of flowers for the parents of a newborn baby they generally only last a week and at least my nappy cakes last a lot longer and everything can be used.

This usually works, until Saturday when the village florist came to look at my stall. In my defence I didn't know she was a florist until after the words were out of my mouth and she said "oy, I'm the local florist!". I don't think she was too happy. It also blew out of the water my chance to ask her to stock my nappy cakes in her shop.

Somehow I think I've blown that option!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Braving the elements!

Well, after the blistering hot weather we have been having in the east of england for several weeks (most of which I spent indoors at various events/fairs), today had to be the day that I was outside and it was blowing a 40mph gale!

After fighting to even put the table up and keep the tablecloth on it, I then spent the rest of the afternoon rushing backwards and forwards picking bits of nappy cake up.

I tethered some of the teddies to other parts of the cake which helped, but thank goodness I didn't have a gazebo as I didn't have enough arms to hold everything!

I sold one nappy cake and then as I was packing up two women came rushing over and I sold two more which was fantastic. I also got rid of lots of leaflets so hope that means some more orders coming in shortly.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, 16 July 2010

A very good day

I have approx 8.5 days of holiday to use up from work before the beginning of September so took today off to see whether I could find some places to put my leaflets etc.

Typically, the car magnets I had ordered turned up at the office on the day I'm not in so I popped in to pick them up. They are great - I'm going to put them on the car each time I'm parked somewhere - you never know it might drum up some business!

I then popped into the local maternity hospital and managed to persuade a nurse to put some of my leaflets into the waiting rooms. On the journey home I thought I would pop into a florist just down the road and the owner agreed to take in one of my nappy cakes and sell them after adding a commission for herself.

I didn't need asking twice! I rushed home and wrapped up one of my ready-made nappy cakes and made up a photo folder then went back and left it all with her so let's hope she gets some business.

Tomorrow I'm off to a local village day so please keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds.

Monday, 12 July 2010

A Fantastic Weekend

Well, I said I would update you on how I got on this weekend at the Cambridge Big Weekend and I'm pleased to say it was great.

Despite the hideously hot weather (the temperature reached 31.7 degrees on Saturday in the marquee I was in!), it didn't seem to deter people from coming along. There must have been approx 3,000 people wandering around over both days.

I actually made £164 of sales which just about covered the cost of the actual stall hire but it did get me thinking - am I better off actually paying out more for stalls at bigger shows/fairs/events where I have got more chance of getting business as there are more people there, or do I stick to the smaller village fairs/fetes where there aren't so many people.

Something to ponder and I'll let you know what I decide.

In the meantime, check out the nappy cake with the expensive bottle of champagne in - ideal if you want to spoil both baby and new parents!

Have a great week.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A very hot weekend!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while but I've been busy busy busy.

Anyway, I thought I should make an effort and get back into the swing of things so here I am.

How have you all been coping with this glorious weather? Hot isn't it?!

I've been attending various fairs - some with a little success and some with no success at all. I had a stall at one a couple of weekends ago which had the grand total of 10 people through the door - boring doesn't even begin to describe it.

So, this weekend I am at the Cambridge Big Weekend which effectively lasts for 3 days although I'm only actually trading on the Saturday and Sunday. The heat reached 31.7 degrees in the marquee earlier today but it didn't seem to deter the crowds. The place was packed and I actually sold £69 worth of goods during today.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Booking This Year's Fairs

After a whole week relaxing in the sun in Lanzarote, I finally got myself in gear this week and sent off all the booking forms and payments for the fairs I am hoping to attend this year.

I really want to attend at least one a fortnight and for the months of June, July and September, this hasn't proved a problem, but August is proving more difficult.

After attending various craft and gift fairs I thought it would be better if I could exhibit at fairs targeted at new mums and mums to be as they are the ones who would want to buy nappy cakes and baby sock cupcakes.

I suppose August if quiet as people are away on their holidays but I will carry on looking and try and book at least one more fair in that month. Mind you I really hope some of the nappy cakes sell in bigger quantities than they have so far as with all the money I have paid out I could really do with making some back.

I'm also off to see the business manager at the local bank a week on Monday. Apparently they give you free advice on how to run your business and the best way to advertise etc. They sometimes even give you small loans to start up and fingers crossed that's what will happen to me - my bank account would be very thankful!

So, that's it from me for now. Will update you as and when.

Take care x

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hmmm ....

think the craft fair I attended last weekend was a total waste of time.

Mind you, I did get to sit outside in the sun for a couple of hours reading my book and giving out leaflets, so there were some small mercies.

I didn't actually sell one thing the whole time I was there. Problem is the only time people are going to buy a nappy cake or sock cupcakes is when they know someone who's pregnant or just had a baby and it would seem that all of the people who attended last week's fair didn't!

So, back onto the internet to find fairs which cater exclusively for babies and toddlers. I have applied to attend a couple of them and hope to have more luck.

I'll keep you updated.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Baby Sock Cupcakes

Got a telephone call on Tuesday night - thanks to all the flight disruption, one of the stall holders that should have been attending a gift fair tomorrow (Saturday) was stranded in Dubai and would I like to take their place?

Well, considering I've been on the waiting list for while I jumped at the chance. Then, get a phone call Thursday evening to say that as flights are now running again the place has been taken by the original attendee. Oh typical!

The woman who called must have felt sorry for me though as she said I could set up a table outside the hall and bearing in mind this weekend is meant to be warm and sunny I said I may as well.

So, I then decided I needed an alternative to just the nappy cakes and decided to try my hand at making baby sock cupcakes. I got myself on the old world wide web and ordered some cake boxes and cupcake cases and settled myself down for a quick lesson.

They have actually come out much better than I hoped so I am going to take them along tomorrow and see how they sell.

I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend all.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Attended another fair on Sunday

As the title above suggests, I attended another gift fair on Sunday.

I thought it had to be worth another try, but whereas the last one I went to the weather was cold and dull, this weekend happened to be the hottest of the year so far.

This obviously showed in the fact that less than 200 people actually attended - I guess everyone was off to the beach for the day or concentrating on their bbqs!

I was also working from Friday afternoon onwards desperately trying to help all the groups affected by the travel disruption because of the flight problems. Basically I was on call 24 hours a day right up until this morning when I went into the office and carried on. Still, according to the news things might start getting back to normal from tomorrow.

So, back to the gift fair. I took 7 of my nappy cakes along in various colours and sizes and managed to sell just the one. Still, I did hand out a lot of my leaflets so you never know I might get something back from them.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

How Expensive are Gift Fairs?!

I have been sitting this weekend working out whether I can actually afford to attend craft/gift fairs.

Obviously the more fairs I go to, the more chance I have of making some money (which will make a change since all I seem to have done lately is spend it!). The problem lies in the fact that unless you go to a little known or relatively small venue, the organisers seem obliged to charge you the earth to allocate you a tiny little bit of their precious space.

Take the gift fair I went to a couple of weekends ago. To rent a 6ft paste table for the day cost me £20 which was pretty reasonable - mind you I did only sell the one nappy cake and that was right at the last minute so when you work it out I was probably in deficit by the time I got home.

Not to be detered I went online to see what other fairs were on locally throughout the next few months and apply for some more info on them. Imagine my horror when for a two day stand at the East of England show I was looking at .... wait for it ....£235 per day! Yes, I did say per day and that was for nothing more than a 6ft paste table. Exactly the same as I got at the earlier fair.

I know you will be saying that a big event like that would prompt a lot more foot traffic but I'd have to sell all my nappy cake stock and more to even make enough to pay for the stand in the first place.

So, my dilemma remains. Do I fork out exhorbitant amounts of cash in the hope that I will sell all my nappy cakes on the day or do I stick to the smaller fairs and pray for divine intervention (ie., loads of pregnant women or women with their pregnant friends walking through the door).

Answers on a postcard please!

PS. Thought I would post a couple of photos of nappy cakes I've made recently.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Me and my nappy cakes in the local paper

Just realised I forgot to mention in my previous blogs that I appeared in the local paper in an article about the nappy cakes I make.

I thought it would be worthwhile contacting all the local newspapers and magazines to see whether they would be prepared to print something about my new venture. I mean its all free advertising isn't it!

Anyway, only one of the local papers responded and one online magazine but I guess its a start and all publicity is good publicity (hopefully).

So, there was me thinking a reporter would be popping round with his trusty photographer mate, but in the end the interview was done over the phone in approx 5 minutes. To be fair the photographer did pop round and he took several photos but only one ever made it into the paper.

I had to laugh though when it actually appeared entitled "Cakes in the City". According to the reporter, one of his colleagues seemed to remember nappy cakes appearing in the last Sex and the City movie so they did a sort of pun on that. Since then every one I've spoken to doesn't remember it being in the film but hey who am I to argue.

Unfortunately the article only prompted one call for a nappy cake but I've since produced some leaflets and had some business cards printed and am handing them out at every available opportunity so watch this space.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back to Work (no not nappy cakes sort of work!)

Well, it was back to work after the long Easter weekend and to be honest I wish I hadn't bothered!

From the minute I walked in the office everyone was talking at me, asking advice, needing help with problems etc. I didn't even get a chance to read my personal emails at lunchtime which I usually do just in the vain hope someone might actually want to buy a nappy cake!

Still, when I walked through the door at 5.30pm this evening to find the other half cooking dinner it all pretty much melted away. That and the fact that one of the cutest little baby outfits ever had arrived after I ordered it on the internet.

Its in the most gorgeous pink and has a blanket, bodysuit, mittens, hat etc - in fact everything that will make the most delightful nappy cake.

It has spurred me into thinking of new designs, versions of the usual nappy cakes I made so watch this space.

Ta-ra for now.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Weekend - What Easter Weekend?!

I woke up this morning to the sound of next door's kids screaming abuse at each other outside my bedroom window at 9am and despite my best efforts, didn't manage to get back to sleep.

Finally gave up and got into the shower at 9.30. This was swiftly followed by the fleeting thought that I may actually get a day where I get to do what I want to, but no, the fates decided otherwise and there I was standing in a very long queue at the local pet centre buying dog food that for some unknown reason I can only get in one place locally.

Then it was on to a certain supermarket where I was robbed to the tune of £110. Naturally as soon as I got home I was met with a rousing chorus of "is that all you got?". After that it was on with the hoovering, tidying and endless amount of so-called dirty laundry, most of which probably hasn't been worn for more than a couple of hours. Honestly, my daughters think the washing and ironing fairy appears at regular intervals in our house!

Popped out to buy a diary in which to write all the dates of the fairs etc that I have committed myself to over the next couple of months, only to get home and find the first page was July 2010. Where on earth were the other months? Back to the shop to be met with stunned looks when I told the ladies behind the counter that I would actually like to write in things for April, May and June. I am sure they were sniggering behind my back as one tried politely explaining that all diaries you buy from February onwards have the "academic" year in them and I really should have bought one in January if I wanted the whole of 2010! Oh, of course, silly me - I thought all diaries started in January and finished in December - apparently not!

It did get me thinking about how what you consider to the norm never really is. I mean have you ever tried buying a bikini in July? Oh no, all the shops have their winter stock in. Is it me or do things seem to make less and less sense? AAARRRGGGGH!!!!!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

Its been great having the last 4 days off work, but I do seem to be meeting myself coming back.

What with shopping for the baby items, putting the nappy cakes together and attending the fair, I haven't had a minute to myself.

Realised today that we had no bread, no toothpaste, no dog food and approximately one toilet roll left in the whole house so it looks like tomorrow will mean a trip to the supermarket to stock up before I go back to work on Tuesday.

Why is it that when everyone else in the house has some time off they do whatever they want and lounge around, but mine is spent running around like a blue a**e fly trying to get everything done? Its really not fair!

Still, sometimes its nice to get back to normality - I mean how often can you hoover and dust your house? The flaming dirt just comes back!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

How Did I Get On?

Well, I managed to haul my backside out of bed at the unearthly hour of 7am on a Saturday morning!

Luckily I had loaded the car with everything I hoped I'd need last night, but I sat from 7pm to 11pm making up nappy cakes to take with me.

Anyway, arrived at the hall (thank you sat nav) in one piece and discovered you couldn't actually park your car there, just unload and then park somewhere else - oh great! So proceeded to lug everything out of the boot and plonk it all down in the hall, drove the car and parked and then ran back hoping I wouldn't see any rogue running down the road with armfuls of nappy cakes!

The table I had been given was literally facing people as they walked in the double doors which was a great position if it hadn't been so blasted cold. The doors stood open all day to entice people in and I sat and froze bits of me off for 6 very boring hours.

To be fair, plenty of people picked up and took home my leaflets so I really hope I get something from that, but didn't actually manage to sell anything until I popped off to get the car to re-load at the end of the day and some woman actually came back and bought one.

My profits for the day - well negligible really as the nappy cake netted me £30 but the pitch cost £20 and many warming cups of tea and a turkey sandwich later, I am probably in the region of £4 up! Oh the benefits of trying to make some money - there has to be easier ways surely?

So, I won't be put off - I've booked and paid for a pitch on the 18th April and am also looking into various others fairs I could attend. I won't give up easily so bring it on.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Well, I've Finally Gone and Done It!

I have finally taken the plunge and actually booked a table at a craft fair this weekend in order to try and sell my handmade nappy cakes.

For those of you who don't know, nappy cakes are exactly as they sound. They are made up of babies disposible nappies, baby clothing, baby items and even things such as chocolates and bath bombs for the new mum and are ideal for both baby showers and as a present for the new arrival.

They can be made up in one, two, three and even four tiers with clothing from any shop that supplies baby clothes.

I have made up 7 in varying colours to take to the fair and also have a box of goodies so I can also make up some more if (and I'm crossing my fingers here!) all the ones I have with me sell.

Prices start from £15 for a one tier. I can also offer postage from £5.99 per cake anywhere in the UK.

So, if you're reading this, wish me luck and I'll post again in a couple of days to let you know how I got on.