Saturday, 17 July 2010

Braving the elements!

Well, after the blistering hot weather we have been having in the east of england for several weeks (most of which I spent indoors at various events/fairs), today had to be the day that I was outside and it was blowing a 40mph gale!

After fighting to even put the table up and keep the tablecloth on it, I then spent the rest of the afternoon rushing backwards and forwards picking bits of nappy cake up.

I tethered some of the teddies to other parts of the cake which helped, but thank goodness I didn't have a gazebo as I didn't have enough arms to hold everything!

I sold one nappy cake and then as I was packing up two women came rushing over and I sold two more which was fantastic. I also got rid of lots of leaflets so hope that means some more orders coming in shortly.

Have a good weekend.

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