Sunday, 1 August 2010

Baby Memory Box

Quick blog with a photo of a baby's memory box. Ideal for keeping all those little keepsakes in.

That's another weekend over.

Well, I attended the 2nd of my two events for this weekend and to be honest, today didn't really have any more people attending than yesterday.

I can only think the footfall is so low due to people going off to sunnier climes but what also doesn't help is that due to the economic climate people just can't afford those sort of items that don't count as essential so they stay away so they're not tempted.

Mind you, I can't complain, I managed to sell a one tier nappy cake and a photo album so made a little bit of money.

I'm not booked for practically every weekend until Xmas attending various different fairs and events. I do enjoy it (much more than the day job!) as talking to people about what I do is kind of therapeutic. I also gave away a few leaflets so you never know, they may generate some orders.

Obviously if the phone does start ringing off the hook, you'll be the first people I tell.

Have a great week :0)