Thursday, 4 November 2010

And the total for October is ......

57 nappy cakes sold for the 31 days of October! YAY!!!!!

The second hospital told me at the end of last week that they had only sold the one nappy cake and then next thing I know I get a phone call on Monday saying nearly every one had sold over the weekend and could I please bring in some more urgently. I also got a call from the local shop which holds 3 nappy cakes telling me they had sold two and could I bring in 3 more.

Well, I was only too happy to oblige of course. Monday I stocked the first hospital, Wednesday I stocked the local shop and today I've re-stocked the second hospital and visited the wholesalers. Had to take an afternoon off work to do it using precious little holiday days I have left, but I didn't mind really.

Lastly, got a call on Tuesday from somebody who really really wanted me at their show this coming Saturday. I told the lady that I was already booked to do another show but she said she really wanted me there so I managed to bribe eldest daughter into going to one and I'll do the other. I'll get everything ready I told her, she just has to stand and (hopefully) take money.

I'll let you know how we both get on next week. Have a good one.

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