Saturday, 9 April 2011

All good things come to those who wait

Like everyone who runs their own business (be it part-time like me or full-time) that dreaded time of year has just come round which involves you sitting at your computer frantically trying to work out how to finalise your book-keeping and wondering whether you have managed to keep everything up to date and in order over the previous 12 months.

As the beginning of April marked the end of my first year of trading, I duly sat down to try and work out what I had to do - not helped by a very nice package from the Government which plopped through my letterbox yesterday!

To be honest, I have been pretty good about keeping my books up to date. All my receipts are in date order and now I just need to figure out how to fill in those pesky forms.

So, as its the start of my second year, I am going to make the effort to try and get things running on a more professional basis (I did say this was all a pipe dream didn't I?!!!). I am going to start looking for other outlets that want to stock my nappy cakes and try out different markets until I find one which works.

Fingers crossed that its onwards and upwards from hereon in.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sorry .....!

Oh good grief - it only occurred to me tonight that I haven't blogged for an age so huge apologies for those of you who have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment (I'm not actually sure there is anybody out there reading this but we can all dream can't we!).

I promised my family that I wouldn't book so many weekend events in 2011 and I was very good to a point, but then people kept contacting me asking if I could attend a fair/event they were organising and I found myself saying yes to everybody - oops!

Since I started making my nappy cakes, I have found there is no rhyme or reason to how many things I can sell on a day. No matter what sort of fair I have a stall at, some days nothing will sell and others I'm busy. However, last weekend I decided it was worth experimenting at a town market.

I knew from previously walking through this town on a Saturday that plenty of people were expected and they didn't disappoint. Apart from the fact that the wind tried its best to blow everything away, the footfall past my stall was high and I did a very good trade.

So, decision now is that I am going to start looking at more local markets and see whether it is worth concentrating on them more than fairs and events. In the current economic climate I know everyone is reigning in their spending, but as babies are constantly being born, I'm optimistic for my little fledgling business.