Thursday, 8 April 2010

Me and my nappy cakes in the local paper

Just realised I forgot to mention in my previous blogs that I appeared in the local paper in an article about the nappy cakes I make.

I thought it would be worthwhile contacting all the local newspapers and magazines to see whether they would be prepared to print something about my new venture. I mean its all free advertising isn't it!

Anyway, only one of the local papers responded and one online magazine but I guess its a start and all publicity is good publicity (hopefully).

So, there was me thinking a reporter would be popping round with his trusty photographer mate, but in the end the interview was done over the phone in approx 5 minutes. To be fair the photographer did pop round and he took several photos but only one ever made it into the paper.

I had to laugh though when it actually appeared entitled "Cakes in the City". According to the reporter, one of his colleagues seemed to remember nappy cakes appearing in the last Sex and the City movie so they did a sort of pun on that. Since then every one I've spoken to doesn't remember it being in the film but hey who am I to argue.

Unfortunately the article only prompted one call for a nappy cake but I've since produced some leaflets and had some business cards printed and am handing them out at every available opportunity so watch this space.

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