Friday, 11 March 2011

A sad day :0(

The title of this blog is due to the fact that I went to one of the shops that stocked my nappy cakes and removed them all today.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't just in a mood, there really was a genuine reason and I thought long and hard and then even longer before I actually went ahead and did it.

This particular shop has stocked my nappy cakes practically since I started making them, but unfortunately there is a huge amount of building work going on around it and the main door through which everybody came in and subsequently meant they walked straight past the window of the shop, has now been closed up because of the construction and therefore people don't have to walk past, which naturally means nothing is selling :0(

Each of the shops that stock my items work on a slightly different basis but this particular one rented me the shelving space and I have been paying out more than I've been getting in as hardly anything was selling. I had to take the decision, that until the building work is completed, sales were going to be slow to non existent and I am better off putting my money into some fairs and events.

Mind you, my living room is now absolutely full to bursting with nappy cakes. Eldest daughter goes way for 6 months at the end of April so I plan on utilising her room then but until that happens I'm going to have to hope and pray that some orders come in and so my stock starts to downsize!

Maybe a special offer is in order?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Making notes

Do you know how some days you just seem to have everything going round and round in your head? Well that's how today has been for me.

I really really need to start writing things down and then remembering to actually check back at what I have written as I completely forgot I had made an appointment to see somebody this afternoon.

It was only when I checked my mobile (which was on silent) and saw I had 5 missed calls that it dawned on me I was meant to be at home - oops!

Luckily the lady concerned had gotten lost driving to my house and so we practically met on my driveway. We had a very interesting chat and I now have yet more ideas to add to my portfolio for the future of my nappy cake business.

I attended two separate shows over the weekend and only managed to sell one thing on Saturday and nothing at all on Sunday - however things do seem to go like that and I did manage to hand out an awful lot of leaflets so I'm hoping business will come in from them.

Mind you, I've lost count of the number of times I've been told somebody will definitely be ordering a nappy cake when their friend/relative/work colleague has their baby only to see the birth announcements made on various social networking sites but no order is forthcoming.

The amount of people now making nappy cakes is amazing - if you search for the term on any search engine more and more businesses seem to be springing up every day - I guess the goal is to create something that is better, more unusual and also cheaper than anybody else and keep your fingers crossed.

So, I'm off to have a bit more of a think about what I discussed during my afternoon meeting and how I can use it to enhance my business.

Have a great week x