Friday, 16 July 2010

A very good day

I have approx 8.5 days of holiday to use up from work before the beginning of September so took today off to see whether I could find some places to put my leaflets etc.

Typically, the car magnets I had ordered turned up at the office on the day I'm not in so I popped in to pick them up. They are great - I'm going to put them on the car each time I'm parked somewhere - you never know it might drum up some business!

I then popped into the local maternity hospital and managed to persuade a nurse to put some of my leaflets into the waiting rooms. On the journey home I thought I would pop into a florist just down the road and the owner agreed to take in one of my nappy cakes and sell them after adding a commission for herself.

I didn't need asking twice! I rushed home and wrapped up one of my ready-made nappy cakes and made up a photo folder then went back and left it all with her so let's hope she gets some business.

Tomorrow I'm off to a local village day so please keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds.

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