Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back to Work (no not nappy cakes sort of work!)

Well, it was back to work after the long Easter weekend and to be honest I wish I hadn't bothered!

From the minute I walked in the office everyone was talking at me, asking advice, needing help with problems etc. I didn't even get a chance to read my personal emails at lunchtime which I usually do just in the vain hope someone might actually want to buy a nappy cake!

Still, when I walked through the door at 5.30pm this evening to find the other half cooking dinner it all pretty much melted away. That and the fact that one of the cutest little baby outfits ever had arrived after I ordered it on the internet.

Its in the most gorgeous pink and has a blanket, bodysuit, mittens, hat etc - in fact everything that will make the most delightful nappy cake.

It has spurred me into thinking of new designs, versions of the usual nappy cakes I made so watch this space.

Ta-ra for now.

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