Monday, 13 December 2010

Huge apologies!

Just wanted to apologise to anybody who actually bothers to read my blog as I really haven't been keeping it very up to date have I?!

Time just seems to be running away with me at the moment, what with my full-time job, the nappy cakes and the online articles I write for a magazine and to top it all off Christmas is speeding towards me at full pelt and I haven't even sent out any Christmas cards yet!

Well, I did my final show of the year on Sunday. I should also have been at a show on Saturday, but thanks to a certain courier service who shall remain nameless, I had to go and hand deliver a nappy cake to a lady in Essex who had ordered one the week before.

The fault was in no way mine I hasten to add. I made the nappy cake the day she ordered it and arranged for the courier to pick it up for the following day's delivery. They duly collected it on Monday but by Saturday it still hadn't arrived and she was off to a baby shower in the afternoon. So, bang went my show and into the car I hopped after making a replacement nappy cake. I hot-footed it down the motorway and delivered it to her. She was extremely grateful but still I have requested compensation for loss of stall fees, loss of earnings and petrol money. I shall let you know how that goes, but I'm not exactly holding my breath!

The nappy cake sales generally are going okay. The end of October/beginning of November were quite busy - probably due to all those Christmas and New Year's Eve parties approx 9 months before :0)

So, courier is due to arrive tomorrow for another collection - fingers crossed this one goes more smoothly. I promise to try and update the blog a bit more often from now on, but would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.