Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Weekend - What Easter Weekend?!

I woke up this morning to the sound of next door's kids screaming abuse at each other outside my bedroom window at 9am and despite my best efforts, didn't manage to get back to sleep.

Finally gave up and got into the shower at 9.30. This was swiftly followed by the fleeting thought that I may actually get a day where I get to do what I want to, but no, the fates decided otherwise and there I was standing in a very long queue at the local pet centre buying dog food that for some unknown reason I can only get in one place locally.

Then it was on to a certain supermarket where I was robbed to the tune of £110. Naturally as soon as I got home I was met with a rousing chorus of "is that all you got?". After that it was on with the hoovering, tidying and endless amount of so-called dirty laundry, most of which probably hasn't been worn for more than a couple of hours. Honestly, my daughters think the washing and ironing fairy appears at regular intervals in our house!

Popped out to buy a diary in which to write all the dates of the fairs etc that I have committed myself to over the next couple of months, only to get home and find the first page was July 2010. Where on earth were the other months? Back to the shop to be met with stunned looks when I told the ladies behind the counter that I would actually like to write in things for April, May and June. I am sure they were sniggering behind my back as one tried politely explaining that all diaries you buy from February onwards have the "academic" year in them and I really should have bought one in January if I wanted the whole of 2010! Oh, of course, silly me - I thought all diaries started in January and finished in December - apparently not!

It did get me thinking about how what you consider to the norm never really is. I mean have you ever tried buying a bikini in July? Oh no, all the shops have their winter stock in. Is it me or do things seem to make less and less sense? AAARRRGGGGH!!!!!

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