Monday, 22 November 2010

Total Chaos!

Firstly, I must apologise for not blogging lately. To be honest, I completely forgot! I've been so very busy lately that this was one thing that slipped my mind.

So, I'm still attending fairs and events every weekend and am super busy in my full time job too, really its utter chaos! I even managed to double book myself the other Saturday and one my gorgeous daughters stood in for me at one fair while I went to the other.

One thing I have noticed is that although people are actually attending the fairs, rather than just buying things that take their fancy, they are targeting things they specifically need and only buying those so all the stallholders I've spoken to aren't making as much money as they would like.

Don't get me wrong, not everybody is in it for the money as we love what we do, but it would be nice to see some financial benefit for all the hard work.

I've completely re-modelled my website after some constructive criticism from a very nice forum I belong to so please go along and take a look - any comments (within reason!) gratefully received.

I can honestly say I really enjoy my weekend jaunts and meeting the public (well most of them) and am looking forward to one day just being able to concentrating on my nappy cakes full-time, but don't think its going to be any time soon.

Take care till next time.