Friday, 14 May 2010

Booking This Year's Fairs

After a whole week relaxing in the sun in Lanzarote, I finally got myself in gear this week and sent off all the booking forms and payments for the fairs I am hoping to attend this year.

I really want to attend at least one a fortnight and for the months of June, July and September, this hasn't proved a problem, but August is proving more difficult.

After attending various craft and gift fairs I thought it would be better if I could exhibit at fairs targeted at new mums and mums to be as they are the ones who would want to buy nappy cakes and baby sock cupcakes.

I suppose August if quiet as people are away on their holidays but I will carry on looking and try and book at least one more fair in that month. Mind you I really hope some of the nappy cakes sell in bigger quantities than they have so far as with all the money I have paid out I could really do with making some back.

I'm also off to see the business manager at the local bank a week on Monday. Apparently they give you free advice on how to run your business and the best way to advertise etc. They sometimes even give you small loans to start up and fingers crossed that's what will happen to me - my bank account would be very thankful!

So, that's it from me for now. Will update you as and when.

Take care x