Saturday, 3 April 2010

How Did I Get On?

Well, I managed to haul my backside out of bed at the unearthly hour of 7am on a Saturday morning!

Luckily I had loaded the car with everything I hoped I'd need last night, but I sat from 7pm to 11pm making up nappy cakes to take with me.

Anyway, arrived at the hall (thank you sat nav) in one piece and discovered you couldn't actually park your car there, just unload and then park somewhere else - oh great! So proceeded to lug everything out of the boot and plonk it all down in the hall, drove the car and parked and then ran back hoping I wouldn't see any rogue running down the road with armfuls of nappy cakes!

The table I had been given was literally facing people as they walked in the double doors which was a great position if it hadn't been so blasted cold. The doors stood open all day to entice people in and I sat and froze bits of me off for 6 very boring hours.

To be fair, plenty of people picked up and took home my leaflets so I really hope I get something from that, but didn't actually manage to sell anything until I popped off to get the car to re-load at the end of the day and some woman actually came back and bought one.

My profits for the day - well negligible really as the nappy cake netted me £30 but the pitch cost £20 and many warming cups of tea and a turkey sandwich later, I am probably in the region of £4 up! Oh the benefits of trying to make some money - there has to be easier ways surely?

So, I won't be put off - I've booked and paid for a pitch on the 18th April and am also looking into various others fairs I could attend. I won't give up easily so bring it on.

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