Sunday, 22 August 2010

Back to Work :0(

Oh well, after two weeks off, I'm back to my proper job as of tomorrow (Monday) :0(

Its been a nice couple of weeks if I'm honest - I've done exactly what I enjoy - making nappy cakes. Its just a shame it doesn't pay anywhere near enough for me to give up the full-time employment - maybe one day!

Popped into the hospital shop which are now stocking my nappy cakes last Monday. I wasn't sure I actually wanted to go in as I was terrified they would say they hadn't sold any, but my other half dragged me in and they had sold 7!!!!! To say I was over the moon wouldn't be exaggerating.

So, it got me to thinking, maybe I should ring round a few other hospitals and see whether they would be prepared to stock some of my items. After much research I spent a good deal of time on the phone, but it seems most hospitals (well, my localish ones) don't cater for the buying of baby gifts apart from the odd teddy and maybe a balloon, which strikes me as odd considering most maternity wards don't allow flowers any more due to health and safety reasons.

However, I did have a more promising conversation with one hospital and I duly took two nappy cakes in as samples to show them. They asked me to leave them with them so they could have a think and then 10 minutes after leaving I got a phone call saying that somebody had come in and wanted to buy one and would that be ok? Of course I said, no problem at all!

Hopefully that purchaser has swung things in my favour by showing that my nappy cakes are saleable. My only worry is that they may decide to cut out the middle man (me) and make them themselves, but I guess that's the chance I take.

I'll keep you posted - watch this space.

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