Saturday, 15 January 2011

Not Feeling Great :0(

After promising myself I would blog every day I went and missed yesterday.

Unfortunately I've been signed off sick by my doctor for the next two weeks but am hoping normality will resume shortly.

I'll update you again as soon as I'm feeling better.

Take care x

Thursday, 13 January 2011


I got another order tonight for a pram nappy cake but unfortunately the person who bought it from the website didn't specify whether they wanted blue or pink so I've had to email them and ask them which colour as it would be awful if I sent the wrong one!

I also think that when I next take stock into the local hospital I might include some pram and crib shaped ones but maybe make them slightly smaller in size which would mean they would be cheaper as the larger ones tend not to sell - maybe because people want something in a slightly smaller budget range when they are just visiting at the hospital but purchase something more expensive later on?

Also just found out that something that one lady was urgently waiting for is out of stock and the retailer won't be getting any more so I am going to have to try and source them elsewhere. Bless her, she's been waiting for it for the past 2 weeks although I am keeping her up to date with the problems I'm having. She saw one of the memory boxes at a show I did but by the time she contacted me and wanted one I had sold out (typical!).

I really hope the lady who ordered the pram gets in contact sooner rather than later as otherwise I won't get it done in time for the courier to collect.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that she checks her emails soon.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Midweek catch up

Don't know about where you live, but its been raining non-stop here and I do mean non-stop. Not sure which I prefer - the rain or the snow? At least the snow is pretty when you look out the window and the sun was shining a bit too.

Not sure what's going on with the post lately - ever since the snow arrived and then Christmas the postal system seems to have gone completely to pot. Every day when I arrive home I'm hopefully looking for a postcard from my postman to say he's tried to deliver some of the items I'm waiting for but nothing :0(

I really want to put my new finds on my website but can't until they arrive with me. Its all part of my plan to try and push my fledgling business forward for 2011. I've got the new pages all set up on my website ready to publish but can't until the goods arrive and I take some photos.

I don't like to keep chasing people but I think if nothing arrives with me by the end of this week I'm going to have to get on the phone Saturday morning to find out what's going on. Either that or pop down to the local sorting office and rummage through the piles of parcels and post that apparently built up because of the bad weather!

Have had one order this week but that's all - I'm guessing all those new babies are waiting for some signs of spring before they decide to come out.

See you same time tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

An apology

This blog is actually an apology to my full-time work colleagues. Apparently somebody found and read my blog (which is a surprise to me as I thought there were only one or two people who even knew it existed!) and were upset by what I had written.

In no way was it ever meant to be against them - in fact the people I work with are one of the main reasons I go into work each day. I can honestly say that even when I've been really down on my job in general, my work colleagues can always be guaranteed to brighten things up.

Its a very close knit team and I'm mortified that they felt I was getting at them. My comments re the presentation were just how I felt at losing the time in the office when we are so very busy and I am sure others felt the same.

I do admit to dreaming about one day being able to solely concentrate on my nappy cakes (in the same way we all dream about escaping from the 9 to 5) but I can't see finances ever allowing that - however don't the say everyone should have a dream? well, that's mine!

You would think I would be old enough to stop my mouth (or in this case fingers!) running away with me before I engage my brain, but maybe I am a bit too long in the tooth for that. You can't teach old dogs new tricks and I certainly count as old.

So, not sure whether they will accept my apology, but it is genuinely meant.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Why does Monday keep coming round?

Apologies to those of you who took a look at my blog this evening and realised I hadn't actually got round to posting anything. Still, better late than never I guess.

The reason my blog is late this evening is that I got caught up in a meeting at full-time job and despite the fact that I was meant to leave the office at 5pm, the fact that it over-ran meant I didn't get out until 5.45pm. Don't tell anybody, but end of day meetings aren't the best as I tend to zone out and be thinking about what I'm going to cook when I get home and then what nappy cakes I'm going to make and/or thinking up new designs :0)

To top the day off, I woke up with a vicious headache this morning and it has stayed with me pretty much all day. First thing I did when I walked through the door was take two of the strong painkillers I keep for emergency situations and after managing some of my evening meal, my brain feels less like its being squeezed by a vice.

I played around with my website a little last night so if you get a chance please take a look. I've added a new page for some nappy cakes I put together yesterday. I've called them teddy cakes as I've combined a mini nappy cake together with a really huge teddy. That way the purchaser gets the best of both worlds. The neutral one has a Me To You Bear (a large one!) so for any fans it may be worth a look. I'll post a pic on here too.

So, worst day of the week over and done with - countdown to weekend starts here!

Have a good one.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

On the Phone

I promised myself that 2011 would be better and I would get my act together enough to try and get my nappy cake business well and truly up and running and ultimately making a profit which has to be my main goal.

I made a list of hospitals with maternity units and have been sitting all morning making phone calls to try and establish whether I can get them to stock my nappy cakes. Mind you, I hadn't realised quite how many hospital shops had closed - mainly due to the economic climate I would imagine, but many of them no longer have any sort of facility to buy things on site.

Some of them do have the little ladies who push their trolley round selling newspapers and sweets but that's about it.

Amongst all the phone calls I've made this morning (and I have to say I'm dreading the phone bill this month!) I have managed to get one or two phone numbers of the people in charge so at some point tomorrow I'm going to be using the office phone (joke) to give them a call and use all my powers of persuasion.

I'll let you know how I get on.