Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More Hours Please

Can anybody explain to me exactly where the hours go in a day? Like most people, I seem to get up, run around like a headless chicken, then go to bed!

Mind you, I shouldn't moan - I absolutely love being busy. There's nothing worse than sitting around staring into space, although I would like to get a little time to read a book occasionally.

Its been a strange sort of a week so far - no orders have come in via the website or over the phone but cos I've been running around its only just dawned on me. I do think I maybe haven't been giving the nappy cakes the time they deserve and I really need to rectify that or there's a good chance I'm going to lose the business altogether.

I need to spend some time on my website, my advertising and well ... just everything really. Unfortunately I'm going to have to sit down and actually timetable some of this into my week otherwise I'm just not going to get it done.

I've got a meeting tomorrow at midday so that's going to cut into the day and then Friday I've got another appointment. Sunday is my mum's birthday so all the family are getting together so I've made the decision ... Saturday is "nappy cake" day.

I'll let you know whether I actually keep the date. Watch this space.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

When space becomes an issue

Well, as I explained in my last post, I now have a bit of a glut of nappy cakes taking up residence in my living room.

On and off all weekend I have been trying to move them around so they don't take up as much room as they seem to be doing at the moment, but I think I'm just making things worse!

I think I'm going to have to seriously consider some sort of special offer to entice the customers to buy as I don't have another show until 27th March, which means things are going to remain a little crowded.

It does seem strange that whenever I did a stock swap at the hospital shop, somebody would then place an order for the exact nappy cake on the website that I had just left 10 miles away, but as soon as they are all waiting for new homes nobody seems to be ordering. Where are all those Spring babies?

Now I'm going to sound quite odd, but having so many already made up means I don't have any reason to sit and make some more which is one thing I really love to do. Sitting and creating a new nappy cake gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside (sad eh?!) and as each one is so unique from my previous creations, the joy of seeing it come together is something I have always loved.

So, if you know anyone who is looking for a bargain please contact me and I promise to offer them a good deal on buying a nappy cake (just so I can have my living room back!).