Saturday, 30 April 2011

Oops I've done it again!

Well, I've just realised I have yet again forgotten to keep my blog updated! Honestly, if I was still at school I'd be in detention several times over for not doing my homework.

In my defence, I have been quite busy (excuses, excuses!). I spent three days at a big country fair over Easter. The weather was glorious - in fact, every time its lovely I seem to spend the time in a marquee (last July and last weekend for example), still I tend to just go red and freckly anyway so perhaps somebody is trying to tell me something.

From my point of view, the fair was fairly successful. It had been quite expensive to book a stall in the first place but I told myself I would easily cover that - hmmm ... or maybe not. I guess the current economic climate coupled with the fact that people were being charged an arm and a leg to come in, meant that not much money was changing hands.

In fact, most of the stallholders were bemoaning the fact that people just didn't seem to be buying, which made me feel slightly better as I was beginning to think that what I was selling wasn't up to scratch.

So, after much consideration and deliberation, I have come to the decision that maybe fairs aren't for me and I should concentrate more on the market side of things. So, in a couple of days I will be standing at one of the biggest bank holiday markets in my area - wish me luck!