Saturday, 8 January 2011


Well, today I am off out shopping for a prom dress. Youngest daughter wants to get out and about before everybody else so she gets the pick of the dresses and I can't say I blame her. They didn't do proms in my day but I still have a yearning to buy a dress with a huge skirt and float about in it - sad or what!

OH has strategically announced he is going to be very busy today - doing what I'm not quite sure - so its just me and Elz. We're going to venture slightly further afield to a shop somebody at work has recommended and secretly I'm quite looking forward to it although not so looking forward to parting with the money involved!

I am going to have to sell a lot more nappy cakes and things from my website to pay for all this you know so please please help me out by forwarding and recommending my link to anyone you think could use it or needs a gift for a newborn baby - just think of it as aiding and abetting a mother of 3 daughters who are steadily draining her bank account! :0)

I'm also holding out for the postman as I'm still waiting for some deliveries of new items I want to put on my website - its a bit like watching a kettle boil - nothing ever arrives when you're waiting for it. All I ever seem to get in the post is bills and more bills.

So, apart from the things I want to add to the collection, I also have some other plans afoot but I'm going to save those and tell you about them when I've got them straight in my mind and they have (hopefully) moved on a bit.

Keep reading to find out more.

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