Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rushing around as usual

Seeing as I'm due back at my fulltime job this coming Thursday, I thought today would be an ideal day to relax and finish up those little jobs I didn't get round to. No such luck!

I got a text from one of the hospital shops I supply asking me if I could bring in some new nappy cakes for them to put on the shelves, so I thought whilst I was making those I may as well make some for the other hospital shop and do a bit of stock swapping as I think it never hurts to change stock around a bit to keep people coming back and interested.

So, first things first and I went and got my hair cut this morning, then after a quick cup of coffee it was loading the car up ready to go. Now the unfortunate thing about one of the hospitals is that the shop is at the front entrance which is great I hear you say, but a couple of weeks ago work started on a huge extension which means they have blocked the entrance off and I now have to walk the length of the hospital to deliver the nappy cakes. I do have a trolley but am very self-conscious as the wheels squeak away as I'm walking along the corridors.

Mission accomplished there, it was then back in the car to deliver to the other hospital which is approximately 50 minutes in the opposite direction. A very long day by the time I got home but very satisfying to know that everybody has new stock and hopefully they will generate some more sales.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about some new ideas I have had for the website. Ta ta for now!

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