Sunday, 9 January 2011

On the Phone

I promised myself that 2011 would be better and I would get my act together enough to try and get my nappy cake business well and truly up and running and ultimately making a profit which has to be my main goal.

I made a list of hospitals with maternity units and have been sitting all morning making phone calls to try and establish whether I can get them to stock my nappy cakes. Mind you, I hadn't realised quite how many hospital shops had closed - mainly due to the economic climate I would imagine, but many of them no longer have any sort of facility to buy things on site.

Some of them do have the little ladies who push their trolley round selling newspapers and sweets but that's about it.

Amongst all the phone calls I've made this morning (and I have to say I'm dreading the phone bill this month!) I have managed to get one or two phone numbers of the people in charge so at some point tomorrow I'm going to be using the office phone (joke) to give them a call and use all my powers of persuasion.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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