Tuesday, 11 January 2011

An apology

This blog is actually an apology to my full-time work colleagues. Apparently somebody found and read my blog (which is a surprise to me as I thought there were only one or two people who even knew it existed!) and were upset by what I had written.

In no way was it ever meant to be against them - in fact the people I work with are one of the main reasons I go into work each day. I can honestly say that even when I've been really down on my job in general, my work colleagues can always be guaranteed to brighten things up.

Its a very close knit team and I'm mortified that they felt I was getting at them. My comments re the presentation were just how I felt at losing the time in the office when we are so very busy and I am sure others felt the same.

I do admit to dreaming about one day being able to solely concentrate on my nappy cakes (in the same way we all dream about escaping from the 9 to 5) but I can't see finances ever allowing that - however don't the say everyone should have a dream? well, that's mine!

You would think I would be old enough to stop my mouth (or in this case fingers!) running away with me before I engage my brain, but maybe I am a bit too long in the tooth for that. You can't teach old dogs new tricks and I certainly count as old.

So, not sure whether they will accept my apology, but it is genuinely meant.

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