Saturday, 12 February 2011

First fair of 2011 this time next week

This time next week I will be attending my first fair of 2011 and I am really looking forward to it.

The last fair I did was a couple of weeks before Christmas and I had booked in and attended so many during 2010 I was really getting to saturation point, but after taking a much needed break from them, I am now raring to go.

I love everything about them even if I don't make any sales! I enjoy chatting to other crafters about what they do and looking through their creations (as well as buying some I might add). Nine times out of ten the atmosphere at these events is fantastic with everybody supporting one another and exchanging ideas and contacts - in fact I can honestly say crafters are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

I also enjoy talking to the people who come for a browse - some of the stories I hear are so interesting and I always take on board any feedback or opinions offered.

Because I was just starting my nappy cake business up beginning of last year, I booked to attend fairs/events/shows pretty much every weekend and as I was also working full-time it didn't leave me much time for anything else, so, at my family's insistence, this year I decided to only attend the ones that I felt were beneficial to me (money-wise as well as getting enough footfall to hand out loads of leaflets for future orders), and I did start off with the best of intentions honest!

My plan was just to do one event per month but that seems to have progressed to two a month and sometimes three - oops! Still, I keep telling myself its all for the greater good - just don't tell my family I won't be at home again at weekends for the foreseeable future!

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