Thursday, 10 February 2011

Photos on Website

I'm sure you will have noticed throughout my recent blogs, the recurring theme of my website and I really hope I'm not boring you all to death with it!

However, I got another order today and rather than it just coming through the website, this lady actually gave me a call to ask me a couple of questions before she placed the order. I was quite happy to take the order over the phone, but unfortunately I'm not geared up to take payments that way. If the purchaser wants the nappy cake delivered to their home and its within 10 miles of where I live, then I offer free delivery anyway and am happy to take a cheque or cash from them when I hand it over.

This lady though wanted it delivered to a friend (albeit one living not too far from me) so I had to ask her to put the order through on the website and I would then take it to her friend tomorrow.

She duly put her request through and paid, but what concerns me is the fact that I often wonder if people think they are getting exactly the same nappy cake as is in the photo on my site. My terms and conditions do state that some items such as outfits and soft toys may change due to stock levels, but I know from experience not many people read the "small print" (I know I certainly don't!). The photos tend to be ones I have taken on making a "cake" up.

To be truthful, I very rarely buy the same item twice (unless its something I really love) as I like to have a wide variety of clothing, blankets etc to use and I am frequently tempted whilst out and about. I love browsing round little boutiques and baby shops seeing what I can find that stands out as different as well as being reasonably priced.

Obviously my craft is not something like jewellery where a piece is made and then offered for sale - I don't make nappy cakes up until they are purchased from my website or requested specifically (otherwise I would have them lying around all over the place and even the mini ones take up a certain amount of room!).

I don't want to have to put a statement on every photo saying "items may be subject to change" but maybe that's what I will have to do. So far nobody has phoned me up and moaned that they haven't got exactly what they saw on the website, but there is bound to be a first time and that does worry me slightly.

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  1. Coming from a retail background always cover your butt. However, if you have, somewhere in your terms and conditions a statement that says 'This photo represents the finished product. Sent/ordered item may be subject to change. Contact for information', (or something like that), you won't need to put anything with your photo. If your customer doesn't read the small print, that is not your fault. Only your fault if you didn't say something in the first place.

    Leave the photos be is my advice! Lovely as they are!