Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A New Direction?

Today I spend a lovely afternoon putting the world to rights with a fellow crafter over several cups of tea.

We got on to discussing what events/shows/fairs we were going to attend in 2011 and she was totally amazed when I produced my folders (one for 2010 and one for 2011).

Each event has its own plastic wallet with all the documentation in about that show together with a copy of the completed booking form and is then placed in the correct month in date order. After each show I did last year I wrote on the top of my paperwork how many nappy cakes I had sold so I knew which ones would be worth my whole attending in 2011.

As I am a PA by trade, I have learned to be extremely well organised and multi-task really well so now my website is up to date, as is my Folksy page, everything is ready to go for my first show this coming Saturday, my storage problems are sorted, my advertising is done - in fact I am completely and utterly organised.

Anyway, my friend said I should look at maybe offering my services to other crafters, many of whom are completely disorganised (herself included).

So, it got me to thinking whether maybe it was quite a good idea. As much as I love my nappy cake making it currently doesn't pay the bills and offering my services as an organiser/PA for others is certainly an idea worth pursuing.

I'll let you know whether I get any further with it.

In the meantime, check out the photo of a slightly different take on the nappy cake - placing the doll in the middle of the cake rather than on the top.


  1. That looks really good :) And I am sure you would do well in that business, everyone wants to me organised. Some just dont know how or where to start. Good luck :) x

  2. Good luck with your new venture, Laura. Being organised is a must with all the fairs we do (I have the advantage of being an exhibition organiser in a previous job so am used to organising tons of paperwork!)

    Love the new nappy cake too.

    Well done for thinking of things a little differently.

    Ali x