Sunday, 30 January 2011


After sorting through all my nappy cake stock yesterday afternoon in order to get it neatly placed into its new storage units, I suddenly realised I felt very inspired to create some new things.

However, not sure exactly what yet but at least the thoughts are buzzing around my head which is a start!

As well as adding some ideas to my repertoire (check me out with the big words!), I also need to decide which shows/events/fairs I'm going to do this year. 2010 was incredibly hectic as I managed to book something in for lots of weekends which meant I didn't really see my family much but on the other hand got my name out there and showed people what I was doing.

2011 is going to see me being more restrained and only doing the shows that were either worthwhile last year (ie., I sold more than one nappy cake!) or that have been recommended as being worth doing. This means the family won't moan so much that they never see me and I can use my spare time more constructively.

Nappy cakes do seem to be taking off this side of the pond and I really hope I'm doing enough to make sure I get myself known at the early stages. So don't forget, if you know anyone who is having a new baby or a baby shower drop me a line or take a look at my website (link on the right hand side of my blog).

Oh, and while I remember, above is a photo of my bespoke ribbon rack. Have a great rest of the weekend xx

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